Here are some of the apps and scripts in various languages I've worked on:

*UPDATED September 29, 2011*
BVN TV program grabber
, a PHP script that generates XMLTV formatted XML pages for the Dutch language BVN TV  satellite tv channel. Primarily for use by MythTV or SageTV users. Click the title to download a zip file. Read the README.TXT file for more.

NOTE: in late 2009, BVN changed the format of their web pages containing the programming information. The changes were significant enough that I could not patch the previous Perl grabber. I wrote a new grabber using the PHP language (already installed on most MythTV systems for use by the MythWeb application).

This grabber can email a weekly HTML overview with direct links to the mythweb recordings page for each program, making it very easy for eg. spouses to setup recordings on your MythTV system!

I have been using this new grabber succesfully as of Jan-4-2010.

Recent updates include a fix for 1-digit month and day xml errors, and adding an icon link the channel. See the file for more.

WG7J GridMapper*New June 2011* This application allows you to upload your ham radio log files in ADIF format, and it will show you your worked grid squares, either on a Google Map displayed in your browser, or on Google Earth via a downloadable KML file.

php Tools for Groupwise, an example PHP management application for the Groupwise collaboration suite. It uses the SOAP api provided by Groupwise v7 & v8. Can manage proxies, rules, folders, create automated reports, and much more. Updated for Groupwise 8.0.1 and PHP v5.3
The project can be found at Google Code


Google::ProvisioningAPI, a perl module implementing the Google Apps for Your Domain Provisioning API version 1 (Update: someone else has now updated this module to include supported for v2 of the API! Above link goes to that version.)

JNOS - a multitasking app written in C (with some x86 assembly), running on DOS, for Hamradio use. Provides TCP/IP services of Packet Radio. For more, see   This is now actively developed as JNOS2, running under Linux, at